Do you ever make something and then decide after you are half way done eating and think, ” goodness this is good, I should share this recipe.” Well this is one of those times. If you haven’t picked it up yet I love Hispanic Food! Yes, just a little bit. I was able to serve my church mission in Dallas Texas ans was to speak Spanish and so the adventure began with my love affair with all Hispanic food, their cultures, and the people!

I made so many great friends and have been blessed to have some of them join me at my house in Nevada and then they cook for me even more delicious food! now that I am more wise, I ask them to teach me how to make it, so when they are gone i can recreate it. Migas is a breakfast dish that the Solis Family shared with me not too long ago when they came out to visit. Migas roughly translates in to scraps and basically that what it is you take left overs with Eggs and cook until you are ready to eat!

I first take tortillas and cut them up in to small pieces and fry them in oil till they are crispy, remove them from the oil. I then mix about 3 eggs scrambled with the “scraps” I want to add. Today’s Migas called for: the leftover street taco meat, part of the chips cooked before, my homemade picante salsa, cilantro, a small amount of onions, shredded cheese, and topped with a dollop of sour cream, avocado, and the rest of the warm chips! I am not a huge egg eater (I like them in cookies and cakes!) but these are delicious and change the texture of the eggs just a enough for me to enjoy them! In the past I have skipped the meat and just have cooked them with salsa and chips and they are still wonderful but the left over street taco meat brought this to a new level! You can find the recipe for street tacos here.


Serving size 1-2

  • 3 small street size tortillas or one large
  • 2 Tablespoon Olive Oil
  • 3 large eggs
  • 2 Tablespoons Salsa (use as desired)
  • 1 Tablespoon diced onion
  • 1/4 Cup Shredded cheese (add as much as desired)
  • Left over Street Taco meat (Optional and can substitute with any taco meat, ham, etc.)
  • 1 Tablespoon chopped Cilantro
  • Sour Cream
  • Avocado
  • Salt and pepper (to taste)

In a medium skillet heat olive oil, cut or rip tortillas into small pieces and add to the warm oil. While the tortillas are heating: cut up meat into bite sized pieces, whisk in 3 eggs, salsa, onion, and 3/4 of the cilantro. Once the tortillas are crispy remove half and set aside for later. Add in your egg mixture and cook until done around 5 minutes. (You will notice that they take on a different constancy because of the moisture in the salsa) Dice your avocado, you also could add fresh diced tomatoes to the toppings too. When the egg mixture is done removed from heat and scoop on to plate. Top with: avocado, reserved chips, cilantro, and that dollop of sour cream. Add salt and pepper to taste. And the last step is to enjoy! If you try these please let me know in the comments below!