The Broughs

Owen and Ivy Dora

Founders and 1st Generation

Nestled in the foothills of the majestic East Humboldt Mountain range, Brough Ranch got its start in 1947. Ferris and Marlene Brough, along with Ferris’s parents, Owen and Ivy and two of his brothers, Owen and Robert, bought a small ranch on the south end of Clover Valley. Ferris had just returned from the War and was looking for a place to call home. He married the kind and caring , Marlene Schultz in June of  1949. They had 3 children, David, Wilde, and Dorian. They raised their children to love and take care of the land and cattle, instilling in each of their hearts an extra special love for Clover Valley. 




Ferris and Marlene ran the day-to-day operations for many years. They specialized in a commercial cow/calf operations. 

Ferris and Marlene

Founders and 2nd Generation

Wilde and Sherry

Current Owners and Operators and 3rd Generation

ferris and Marlene’s son, Wilde, worked on and off the ranch until 1986, when wilde and his wife, sherry Purchased additional property in Clover Valley. They then formed Brough Partnership. In 2009 they pivoted to a stocker operation. At about the same time they purchased their first Wagyu cattle and started breeding heifers to the smaller birth weight wagyu bulls. this allowed those heifers to have an easier time birthing their first calves. This also gave them an opportunity to produce another line of quality beef. Wilde and Sherry raised their 5 children : Jeff, Brian, Emily, Jenna & Jordan on the ranch where they taught them all the value of hard work, love of animals, self motivation, and many other valuable life lessons that have made each and everyone one of their children successful in their endeavors.  


Jordan and Kari Lyn

Part Owners and Operators and 4th Generation

Jordan’s goal has always been to stay on the ranch and keep the family ranch going strong. After serving a 2 year mission to Oklahoma for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Jordan studied Ag business at Utah State University. In 2010 is when he first met Kari Lyn at the Logan Airport, where they both where taking flight lessons and where Kari worked during college. A month later Jordan and Kari met up at a country dance, where you could say Jordan danced his way into her heart, they married in 2011.

2011-2013 Both Jordan and Kari continued their education at USU and would return to the ranch in the summers to work.

2013-2014 brought a change of life, Kari graduated from USU with a Bachelors of Science in Agriculture with an emphasis in Aviation. Jordan decided it was a good time to attend Texas Christian University in Fort Worth where he took their ranch management course. Jordan graduated at the top of his class and learned many valuable ranching practices that he brought back to the ranch. 

2015-2016 was a blessed year for them in February they welcomed aLittle Boy Kissing a Cow healthy baby boy C, into the family.

Jordan graduated from Utah State with his Bachelors of Sciences in Ag business and in May they moved back to Brough Ranch. Jordan started full time at the ranch learning from his father, taking what he learned at school, and applying it to the ranch. Kari started attending the Farmers Markets where she was selling  their American Kobe beef at a local level.


2017 was another blessed year, Baby E, was born in September! 2017- was another year of change. Brough Partnership dissolved, Brough Livestock LLC was created, and Jordan and Kari became part owners of the family ranch. Together they are looking forward to see Brough Ranch not only thrive but prosper and grow!

Brough Ranch   Wells, NV

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