Custom Orders

Please Call 775-752-2689 to check avaiblity and to place your orders for Full, Half, or Quarter of Beef. 

Description of what can be expected in a Full Beef

*Prices are subject to change without notifacation. A $200 non refundable deposit is required on all orders. Quarters are non customizable. 

Incredibly flavorful beef. Highly recommended by very picky beef eaters. In fact I can no longer buy beef at the store. Brough Ranch waygu is amazing!

Nancy O'Bosky

Brough Ranch beef is simply amazing. It’s the best beef I’ve ever had. I never need steak sauce and never need seasoning. The steaks melt in your mouth! My wife and I can’t eat store-bought steaks ever again. We’ve tried and they ended up in the garbage. It’s Brough Ranch beef or nothing!

Jory Spotts

If you want to try some beautifully marbled Wagyu Beef this is definitely the place. We have purchased roasts, steaks, and hamburger. Their meat is sealed airtight and frozen. It cooks up with an amazing flavor and tenderness. Best of all their customer service is great and the Cattle are locally raised on their family ranch not in a stockyard. Thanks Brough Ranch

Tersa Vaughn Bottroff