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Since 1947, and even before, the brough family has been involved with cattle! We mostly own Angus cattle and added the wagyu breed as our specialty! tradition runs deep here but modern technology and new practices have their spot on the ranch and animal husbandry is in our blood! all our cattle are cared for with attention to detail. We weigh at birth and periodically though-out their lives, giving us the opportunity to make sure they are growing and healthy on every aspect. we also take time to make sure their tags are still in place. We are using the latest technology with cattle UHF Tags. these tags stay with each cow though-out their entire lives. this gives you the insurance of the health of each individual cattle, what vaccines have been administered and even tacks their location if they have ever been sold and moved to another ranch. we value this technology not only for our records but for your safety.

All of our cattle graze on the sweet Clover Valley Grass, they are moved periodically so they always have the be best feed and water available! Closer to harvest time, we move them into a another location, on the ranch, where we custom feed them to your preference either grass or grain. All of our grain finished cattle are open to free choice of grain and grass.this process develops flavor and marbling and really gives the meat that taste that you except!  we take our beef to a USDA certified butcher where they hang for 14 days and are expertly cut into delicious steaks, roasts and hamburger. Each cut is cyrovac and flashed frozen to preserve natural flavors and goodness of our beef.







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